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Mommy & Me Yoga Coming Soon!

We are so thrilled to announce Mommy & Me Yoga classes starting soon at Radiant Heart. Part of our inspiration for opening Radiant Heart Wellness was to support new mothers on both their motherhood and wellness journeys.

Janira and I have spent many hours talking about motherhood and the changes we experience on every level when we become new mothers. We have found that it takes quite a few years to emerge from the haze that can overtake us as we focus on our children and our focus narrows to what we must accomplish each day.

We believe that the purpose of community is to be there for each other during the good times and the bad times. We are here to share in your joys and successes as well as be a helping hand during times that can feel difficult or lonely.

We are planning to begin offering Mommy & Me Yoga classes starting later this month. Our amazing instructor Maryanne is an absolute natural with infants and toddlers. And she has a deep love for offering this type of activity for new moms and their babies. While there are so many wonderful parts of this class, the best part is sharing space with other new moms who are going through exactly what you're going through. That is the benefit of community and that is what we are striving to create here at Radiant Heart.

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