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Meet Us

At Radiant Heart, our teachers stand as the very core of our essence. Step into our haven and connect with these guiding lights who illuminate the path to holistic wellness, empowerment, and self-discovery. They're the heartbeat of Radiant Heart, nurturing growth and fostering a vibrant community.



Herbalist M.K.O, Yoga Teacher RYT 200, Sound Therapist CMA

Yoga became my gateway to the expansive realm of holistic well-being—a transformative journey focused on aligning the mind, body, and soul. Through yoga, my curiosity flourished, propelling me to explore the depths of traditional Hellenic medicine and herbalism. This exploration uncovered a myriad of modalities dedicated to balancing the intricate connections between mind, body, and soul.

As I delved deeper, I discovered a wealth of practices aimed at achieving harmony within oneself. This profound journey fueled my commitment to sharing these revelations. It led me to the resolute decision of creating Radiant Heart—a sanctuary born from the desire to impart empowerment and profound upliftment to others.

Radiant Heart stands as a convergence of my discoveries and teachings, a space where ancient wisdom meets transformative practices. It’s a haven where individuals embark on their own holistic wellness journeys, guided by the treasures I’ve unearthed. Together, we illuminate the path to radiant living, empowering others to discover the balance and harmony within, just as yoga and holistic practices have guided me toward a more enriched existence.

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Jess Molan

Yoga Teacher, Reiki 

Jess is a dynamic, fun, and friendly yoga instructor with an encouraging style and a true love for teaching students of all types and abilities. Jess teaches 

When can you find Jess at Radiant Heart?

9:30am Saturday Vinyasa 

6:30pm Tuesday  Slow Flow 

6:30 pm Happy Hour Yoga (Returns 9/24)

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Maryanne Sholl

Yoga Teacher, RYT 200

Maryanne is a mother and yoga instructor. She brings a bright openness and spirit of positivity to her classes. 

When can you find Maryanne at Radiant Heart?

5:00 pm Bi Weekly, Monday Pre-Teen Yoga

12:00 pm Yin

9:30 am Vinyasa

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Corinne Logan

Yoga Teacher, RYT 200

Corinne is a Yoga Alliance certified (RYT 200) & insured yoga teacher. Her training is in vinyasa yoga and she recently received her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification, as well. She originally came to yoga as a high school athlete when it was offered as part of dryland for a competitive swim league. At that time for her, it was truly life saving. She kept an irregular practice for many years until 2012 when she dove into prenatal yoga with her first, then second and even third pregnancies! As a recovering cardio junkie, she loves to challenge her students in new, dynamic ways that are both challenging & slow and heart pumping & fast. In her classes you can expect to challenge and discover yourself in completely new ways. 

When can you find Corinne at Radiant Heart?

Monday 9:30am Vinyasa 

Wednesday 9:30am Vinyasa

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Kristen Burdette

Yoga Teacher 200RYT, Registered Dietician

When I started practicing yoga in my late 20’s, it was all for the athletic workout and physical challenge. I loved the physical challenge and sweat factor from a power vinyasa class. Then there came a time in my life that I stopped practicing yoga and found myself riddled with injuries. Years later I have come back to yoga opening up my practice to different yoga styles. This time around I found that my yoga practice was healing my mind and overall well-being on a level I had never experienced in my early years of yoga. It is this nurturing and healing of both the mind and body that I want everyone to experience. My goal is to introduce more people to yoga so they too can experience all the benefits. Practicing yoga has helped me find my breath and my voice. I will always be grateful to the path of yoga and the teachers who have inspired me.
I completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification through Verge Yoga Center in Wayne, PA; and a 100 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training under the direction of Ammie Moralez. As an avid student, I am continually evolving my practice through further training and study of all yoga styles and lineage.
I am planning my next teacher training certification through LYT Yoga Method. LYT Yoga Method is the most comprehensive anatomy-based yoga teacher certification program that integrates yoga and physical therapy philosophies.
I want to specialize in injury prevention and recovery and teach with a compassionate and skillful approach. My style is to weave mobility and strengthening exercises seamlessly with yoga asanas. The practice is not in the asana, it is in the awareness. I want to encourage students to find their breath and move toward stillness by being present and taking what they need in that moment to ultimately nurture and heal their mind and body.

When can you find Kristen at Radiant Heart?

Tuesday 5:30pm Strength & Stability

Wednesday 5:30pm Strength & Stability 

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Yoga Teacher 200 RYT, 

Hi there! I'm Deonyse, a passionate and dedicated yoga teacher. With ten-plus years of experience, I strive to create a welcoming and supportive space for students to explore the transformative power of yoga. My classes focus on mindful movement, breath awareness, and finding balance in both body and mind. Join me on the mat to discover the joy and peace that yoga can bring to your life. See you in class!


When can you find Deonyse at Radiant Heart?
8:15  am Friday Slow Flow 

11:00 am Restorative Yoga

Lucy Butler

Yoga Teacher 200 RYT, 

My inquiry into yoga began as a teenager, attending classes here and there, but, my true studies began in New York City with my teacher, Rose. I received my formal training in Tantric Hatha Yoga at High Vibe Yoga with Emily Kuser in Bali, as well as my Yin Yoga Training at Wake Up Yoga with Corina Benner in Philadelphia; however, my practice has led me all over the world to study with all kinds of teachers from different lineages and backgrounds.
My experiences have led me to teach creative and intuitive yoga that celebrates the breath, body and mind. I am honored to share my knowledge with my students. My intention is be present… as a guide, as support and as inspiration for your growth. 


When can you find Lucy at Radiant Heart?

4:30 pm Sunday Yin

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Karen Macauley

Yoga Teacher 200 RYT, IAYT Yoga Therapist

Karen is an IAYT certified Yoga therapist, and has completed specialized training in children’s yoga.  

Karen started practicing yoga to help her body heal from a car accident in 1995.  Finding that it helped far beyond the traditional physical therapy, and had the added benefit of mindfulness and stress management, she continued to practice yoga for many years.  Karen's career in the corporate environment encouraged her steady immersion into the yogic lifestyle to counteract the stress and anxiety that comes with corporate life.   She eventually introduced her grandchildren to yoga and they loved it so much that it inspired Karen to learn how to teach yoga to children.  

Wanting to be able to grow with the children in her classes, she obtained her 200-hour yoga training at a local studio and went on to complete a 3-year Yoga Therapy program which includes modules in topics such as trauma, anxiety, depression, medical and physical ailments, etc.  Karen applies all of this knowledge to enhance her classes as well as to help people in a 1 on 1 setting to identify goals and follow them through to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.    

Karen has worked with Yoga Therapy clients on topics such as strength training, travel, anxiety, caregiving, stress relief, weight loss, increasing physical activity, etc. 

Karen works with clients of all ages and looks forward to servicing clients here at Radiant Heart!

Yoga Education:

Yoga Therapy Program:

·      YogaLife institute

Yoga Teacher training:

·      500 hour – YogaLife Institute

·      200 hour – Dragon Spirit Arts – Lansdowne PA

Kids Yoga Training:

·      Karma Kids Yoga (NY)

·      Kidding Around Yoga (FL)

·      YogaLife Institute (PA)

When can you find Karen at Radiant Heart?

6:30 PM Wednesday Yoga & Mindful Meditation

Nancy Kohn

Yoga Teacher 200 RYT, 

Nancy was first introduced to yoga at 12 years old. She was in and out of the practice of yoga for about 28 years before deciding to (FINALLY) complete her yoga teacher training (YTT) in 2023. She is now a Yoga Alliance certified (RYT 200) & insured yoga teacher and has been teaching for the last year. In addition, she has completed a comprehensive trauma-informed yoga training certification. While incorporating this learning into her classes, she will also work with individuals 1:1 upon request. After an injury to her neck and shoulder in 2022, Nancy has been committed to strength training and yoga practices and will complete her certification as a personal trainer in July 2024. She aspires to participate in powerlifting competitions. Stay tuned as that journey unfolds. Nancy believes that yoga can be used as a tool for healing and aims to hold space for folks to put down whatever they are carrying for just a moment and lean into themselves to expand awareness and growth within a vinyasa flow. In her class she always starts with a pranayama (breathwork) to get grounded and then moves into an energizing flow, but will always encourage you to meet yourself where you are. 


When can you find Lucy at Radiant Heart?

Tuesdays: 9:30am

Thursday: 9:30 am

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