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Yoga Class Schedule

Class Description


Welcome to our dynamic and invigorating Vinyasa Yoga class—an athletic journey adaptable for all levels! Ideal for those seeking a high-energy experience, this fast-paced class seamlessly flows through diverse poses, synchronizing each movement with your breath. The vibrant rhythm of lively music will keep you energized as your instructor offers ample guidance and encouragement. – Some experience



6:30 am: Tuesday, Thursday (Restarts in September of 2024)

9:15 am: Tuesday, Thursday

9:30 am: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (at the park), Saturday (90min)

6:30 pm: Tuesday

7:00 pm: Friday (Every other week with Mocktails!) (Restarts in September of 2024)


Targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine as well as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much. Suitable for almost all levels of students. Poses are held for several minutes to really loosen the connective tissue and fascia. The experience will leave you feeling blissful. – All Levels

6:30 pm: Monday

4:30 pm: Sunday

12:00 pm: Thursday (Starts July 11th 2024)


a sanctuary designed to dissolve stress and nurture well-being. Immerse yourself in gentle, fully supported poses with soft props, promoting deep relaxation and stress relief. Enjoy enhanced flexibility, improved sleep quality, and emotional balance. Suitable for all levels, this therapeutic practice fosters a profound mind-body connection through mindful breathwork, supporting natural healing processes. – All Levels

11:00am: Sunday

Slow Flow:

This class emphasizes the art of slow transitions, allowing you to explore each posture with intention and awareness. Suitable for all levels, 'Slow Flow' invites you to synchronize breath with movement, fostering a sense of tranquility and presence. – All Levels

8:15 am: Friday


Strength & Stability:

In this unique class, yoga seamlessly integrates with resistance bands & weights, providing a dynamic approach to enhance strength and stability. This class enables you to target key muscle groups, fostering the development of a solid foundation for your yoga practice. – All Levels

5:30 pm: Tuesday


Unleash your inner strength and sculpt a balanced body with Mat Pilates! This invigorating class uses bodyweight exercises to target your core, improve flexibility, and enhance posture. Feel the difference from head to toe as you build strength, reduce stress, and gain confidence with every controlled movement. Our experienced instructor caters to all fitness levels, offering modifications to ensure a safe and effective workout for everyone.

5:30 pm: Wednesday


Yoga & Mindful Meditation:

a class that seamlessly weaves together the transformative power of yoga with a profound emphasis on mindful meditation. Begin your journey with an invigorating yoga sequence, focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance. As you gracefully flow through poses, cultivating a deeper mind-body connection, the class progressively builds towards a meditative state. The last segment unfolds into a serene 10-minute guided meditation, allowing you to anchor your awareness in the present moment. This integration of yoga and meditation offers a holistic experience, leaving you with a sense of inner harmony, physical rejuvenation, and mental clarity. – All Levels

6:30 pm: Wednesday​

Pre-Teen Yoga:

Embark on a transformative journey with our pre-teen yoga class, where children aged 6-12 and their parents come together to explore the world of yoga. Tailored to accommodate every level, our nurturing environment encourages playful exploration, mindfulness exercises, and age-appropriate poses that foster physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. Through shared experiences on the mat, families deepen their bonds, supporting each other's growth and discovery. Join us as we cultivate inner calm, confidence, and connection in a holistic approach to health and wellness for the whole family.

5:00 pm: Monday(Offered twice a month) (Restarts in September of 2024)

Prenatal Yoga:

Embrace the miracle of pregnancy with Prenatal Yoga! This nurturing class provides a safe space to move your body mindfully. Gentle stretches ease aches and pains, while pregnancy-safe poses strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Focus on your breath to connect with your growing baby and find inner peace. All trimesters welcome, modifications offered. Join our supportive community and experience the joy of a healthy, mindful pregnancy.

11:00 am: Friday (Restarts in September of 2024)

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