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Finding My Skin Confidence: A Story of Eczema, Dryness, and Essential Oils

Updated: May 19

The forties – a time when life throws a lot at you, and sometimes, your skin reflects that stress. Dry skin, a constant companion since childhood, decided to team up with occasional eczema flare-ups for a not-so-fun party on my face. Fine lines were starting to peek through, just to add to the festivities. Every product I tried seemed to either irritate my eczema or leave my skin feeling like a forgotten cracker.

Knowing there had to be a better way, I turned to the world of essential oils, a realm I'd always been curious about.

Sleep is a crucial part of beauty and overall health.

Here's how some amazing essential oils transformed my skincare routine:

1. Frankincense: The Early Intervention Ally

I knew I needed to be proactive about those fine lines. Frankincense oil, known for its regenerative properties, became my secret weapon. I add a drop or two to my (tallow-based moisturizer!) at night. It has a slightly woody scent that might not be for everyone, but I find it strangely calming. Plus, the results? Fewer visible lines and a more even skin tone. Score!

2. Helichrysum & Copaiba: My Moisturizer Powerhouse

For an extra boost of healing and moisture, I've added helichrysum and copaiba oil directly to my tallow moisturizer (tallow's benefits for skin deserve a whole separate post!). Helichrysum is known for its cell-regenerating properties, while copaiba has anti-inflammatory benefits. This combo helps soothe any lingering eczema irritation and keeps my skin feeling nourished.

3. Vetiver: My Sleep Ritual

Sleep is a crucial part of beauty and overall health. While I've always been fortunate to sleep well naturally, hitting the pillow after a long day can be tough for anyone. That's where Vetiver essential oil comes in. This oil is known to promote feelings of calm. It soothes my tension and helps me unwind, creating a relaxing bedtime ritual. I rub one drop on the bottom of each big toe at night, and drift off to sleep feeling grounded and centered.

Since incorporating Vetiver into my routine, I've noticed an extra boost in relaxation and even better sleep. Plus, my skin is brighter and healthier than ever. This oil truly convinced me of the power of essential oils!

Remember, everyone's skin is unique. Experiment a little, find what works for you, and don't be afraid to ditch the harsh chemicals for a more natural approach to beauty. Your skin (and your stress levels) will thank you for it!

P.S. Have you ever considered the power of essential oils? If you're curious to learn more, come by the studio sometime! We can chat about all things essential oils and find the perfect ones for your unique needs.

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